Maximize Your Learning with Online ISTQB Certification Training and Exam process


April 21, 2021

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Maximize Your Learning with Online ISTQB Certification Training and Exam process

ISTQB Certification training is a professional interactive training program that comes with different courses on different levels. We make it easy for students to learn by making it interactive with the help of multiple tools and techniques which also gives practical experience.

Depending on expertise and experience levels, there are certain ISTQB certification courses that we offer - ISTQB Foundation Course (CTFL), ISTQB Agile Tester, ISTQB Advanced Level typically for a Fresher, experienced tester, test manager and so on respectively.

Due to the pandemic that hit the world badly, center based training transitions are done in online mode.

Istqb Certification level

Transition process was never easy! But..

The transition of working offline to Online has been a game changer for every industry. We provide online training with the help of tools and techniques are flexible and very easy to use. The tools mentioned are extremely helpful for the making this offline to online transition efficient.

Cisco WebEx virtual meeting platform – A very powerful tool for online meetings which also provides an option for breakout sessions which makes room for smaller group of people to join a session.

Mural- A digital collaboration tool that we use to share the ideas, solve the problems together within a team and facilitate team activities.

Trello board and Google Slides- Trello is used to track the training progress, class progression, assignment completion, etc. As a part of online training, use of Google slides make it easy for students to recollect the information, share the training material and during discussions that happen in the class.

TestoMeter Mobile App-

A mobile app basically designed for students to solve assignments and practice tests. This app is available on Android as well as iOS devices. You can download from our website.

Software based Real time Learning

Our training program is software based which has several benefits such as improved memory learning, learning new skills, timely support, learn and implement practical skills, etc. Testometer is the app where we provide the best feature as Instructor Led Live Training.

Flexible and Efficient Online Program –

Remote Learning or Learn On The Go is a program where the students can attend the classes as per their convenience remotely. Having said that, online training is very flexible and efficient, in terms of productivity, cost efficiency as well as the reduction of time to commute from one place to other.

ISTQB Exam process online –

Application to the specific course for ISTQB that you choose is online. We have introduced certain tools and techniques to make the online process easier.

TestoMeter facilitates you apply online without having to research around. You just have to enroll with us and the exam will be handled from our center.

ISTQB provides the option to attend the Online Home based Exams.

Training Preparation and Post Training Support –

Any ISTQB certification course that you choose, the objective should be not only to qualify the exam but to become a master. We make sure that students achieve this objective by providing the mock tests online. Post training, one to one sessions are scheduled according to students’ needs. This helps in boosting their confidence.

We provide 100% assurance to qualify the exam with our demonstrated unique approach of teaching. We offer additional discount on the next certification level, once you qualify ISTQB foundation level with us. On disqualifying the first attempt, candidate can apply for second attempt at no additional cost from TestoMeter.

Check out our Upcoming Training Courses –

TestoMeter will help you with a variety of different certifications that will make a difference to your career growth exponentially.

Check out our Upcoming training and exam module.

Enroll, succeed and be a part of the prestigious group of ISTQB certified testers!

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