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Become a Certified Selenium Expert and Harness the Power of Python for Seamless Web Automation!

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Our Selenium WebDriver with Python training program is designed to give you hands-on experience with this powerful automation tool. Learn how to write efficient and reliable tests, debug code, and manage test data in a real-world environment.

Course Overview


Welcome to our Selenium WebDriver with Python course! This course is designed to teach you how to automate web applications using Selenium WebDriver and Python.

Course Outline

The course is divided into several sections:

  1. Introduction to Selenium and WebDriver
  2. Basic WebDriver Concepts
  3. Advanced WebDriver Concepts
  4. Testing with Selenium WebDriver
  5. Best Practices
  6. Additional Topics

Each section includes several lessons and exercises to reinforce the concepts.


Before starting this course, you should have a basic understanding of Python programming. If you're new to Python, we recommend taking an introductory course before starting this one.

You'll also need to have Python installed on your computer, as well as the Selenium WebDriver package. We'll cover how to install these in the first lesson.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Use Selenium WebDriver to interact with elements on a web page
  • Navigate between web pages using Selenium WebDriver
  • Use waits to ensure that your code waits until the desired element is present on the page
  • Handle alerts, pop-ups, and frames using Selenium WebDriver
  • Write test cases using various testing frameworks in Python
  • Write maintainable tests and manage test data
  • Debug and troubleshoot Selenium WebDriver code

Course Project

As a final project for this course, you'll create a test suite for a real-world website using Selenium WebDriver with Python. This will give you the opportunity to apply what you've learned throughout the course.


We hope you will enjoy this course and find it helpful in your journey to becoming a Selenium WebDriver with Python expert. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us. Let's get started!


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    Practical hands-on learning: A good Selenium WebDriver with Python course should offer practical hands-on learning opportunities.

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    Comprehensive coverage: The course should cover all the important aspects of Selenium WebDriver with Python, from basic concepts to advanced topics like handling pop-ups and frames.

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    Expert guidance: The course should be taught by an experienced instructor with expertise in Selenium WebDriver and Python.

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    Interactive and engaging: The course should be interactive and engaging, with opportunities for discussion and collaboration with fellow students.

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    Flexibility: The course should offer flexibility in terms of pacing and scheduling. This could include self-paced learning modules, on-demand access to course materials.

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    Project-based approach: A project-based approach is an effective way to learn Selenium WebDriver with Python. The course should provide opportunities to work on a real-world project


Discover our comprehensive course curriculum designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Dive into a structured learning journey that covers all essential topics and prepares you for real-world challenges

  • Python Programming Language
  • Introduction To PYTHON
  • Python Language advantages and applications
  • Download and Install Python 3 Latest Version
  • Python 3 basics
  • Python Keywords
  • Namespaces and Scope in Python
  • Statement, Indentation and Comment in Python
  • How to assign values to variables in Python and other language


  • Python | Set 3 (Strings, Lists, Tuples, Iterations)
  • Python String
  • Python Lists
  • Python Tuples
  • Python Sets
  • Python Dictionary


  • Control Flow
  • Control Flow in Python
  • Chaining comparison operators in Python
  • Python For Loops
  • Python While Loop
  • Python break statement
  • Python Continue Statement
  • Python pass Statement
  • Looping Techniques in Python
  • Python Arrays
  • Python Operators
  • Ternary Operator in Python
  • Division Operators in Python
  • Operator Overloading in Python
  • Any All in Python
  • Operator Functions in Python | Set 1
  • Operator Functions in Python | Set 2
  • Difference between == and is operator in Python
  • Python Membership and Identity Operators
  • Taking input in Python
  • Taking input from console in Python
  • Taking multiple inputs from user in Python
  • Python | Output using print() function
  • How to print without newline in Python?
  • Python end parameter in print()
  • Python | sep parameter in print()
  • Python | Output Formatting
  • Python Functions
  • *args and **kwargs in Python
  • When to use yield instead of return in Python?
  • Generators in Python
  • Python lambda
  • Global and Local Variables in Python
  • Global keyword in Python
  • First Class functions in Python
  • Python Closures
  • Decorators in Python
  • Decorators with parameters in Python
  • Memoization using decorators in Python
  • Python Classes and Objects
  • Constructors in Python
  • Destructors in Python
  • Inheritance in Python
  • Types of inheritance Python
  • Encapsulation in Python
  • Polymorphism in Python
  • Class or Static Variables in Python
  • Class method vs Static method
  • Python Exception Handling
  • Python Try Except
  • Errors and Exceptions in Python
  • Built-in Exceptions in Python
  • User-defined Exceptions in Python with Examples
  • NZEC error in Python
  • File Handling in Python
  • Open a File in Python
  • How to read from a file in Python
  • Writing to file in Python
  • Python append to a file
  • Regular Expression in Python with Examples | Set 1
  • Regular Expressions in Python – Set 2 (Search, Match and Find All)
  • Python Regex: VS re.findall()
  • Verbose in Python Regex
  • Password validation in Python
  • Python Collections Module
  • Counters in Python | Set 1 (Initialization and Updation)
  • OrderedDict in Python
  • Defaultdict in Python
  • ChainMap in Python
  • Namedtuple in Python
  • Deque in Python
  • Heap queue (or heapq) in Python
  • Collections.UserDict in Python
  • Collections.UserList in Python
  • Collections.UserString in Python
  • Generators Part - 1
  • Generators Part – 2
  • Generators Part – 3
  • Understanding Decorators
  • Implementing First Class Functions in Python
  • Creating Decorators in Python - Method 1
  • Creating Decorators in Python - Method 2
  • Passing Arguments to Decorator Functions
  • Avoiding Code Duplication Problem using Decorator
  • Taking Screen Shots in Python
  • Random Module in Python
  • String Module
  • Maths Module


  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Identifying Test files and Functions
  • Starting With Basic Test
  • File Execution
  • Execute a Subset of Test Suite
  • Substring Matching of Test Names
  • Grouping the Tests
  • Fixtures
  • Parameterizing Tests
  • Xfail/Skip Tests
  • Stop Test Suite after N Test Failures
  • Run Tests in Parallel
  • Test Execution Results in XML


  • Installation
  • Introduction
  • Installing Python bindings for Selenium
  • Instructions for Windows users
  • Installing from Git sources
  • Drivers
  • Downloading Selenium server
  • Getting Started
  • Simple Usage
  • Example Explained
  • Using Selenium to write tests
  • Walkthrough of the example
  • Using Selenium with remote WebDriver
  • Navigating
  • Interacting with the page
  • Filling in forms
  • Drag and drop
  • Moving between windows and frames
  • Popup dialogs
  • Navigation: history and location
  • Cookies
  • Locating Elements
  • Locating by Id
  • Locating by Name
  • Locating by XPath
  • Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text
  • Locating Elements by Tag Name
  • Locating Elements by Class Name
  • Locating Elements by CSS Selectors
  • Waits
  • Explicit Waits
  • Implicit Waits
  • Page Objects
  • Test case
  • Page object classes
  • Page elements
  • Locators
  • Exceptions
  • Action Chains
  • Alerts
  • Special Keys
  • Locate elements By
  • Desired Capabilities
  • Touch Actions
  • Proxy
  • Utilities
  • Service
  • Application Cache
  • Firefox WebDriver
  • Firefox WebDriver Options
  • Firefox WebDriver Profile
  • Firefox WebDriver Binary
  • Firefox WebDriver Extension Connection
  • Chrome WebDriver
  • Chrome WebDriver Options
  • Chrome WebDriver Service
  • Remote WebDriver
  • Remote WebDriver WebElement
  • Remote WebDriver Command
  • Remote WebDriver Error Handler
  • Remote WebDriver Mobile
  • Remote WebDriver Remote Connection
  • Remote WebDriver Utils
  • Internet Explorer WebDriver
  • Safari WebDriver
  • Safari WebDriver Service
  • Select Support
  • Wait Support
  • Color Support
  • Event Firing WebDriver Support
  • Abstract Event Listener Support
  • Expected conditions Support
  • Git Implementation
  • Jenkins – CI Implementation
  • How to create Slave Master configuration in CI integration 
  • Maven Implementation in Project
  • Docker implementation 
  • BDD implementation
  • How to write Gherkins – feature files
  • How to implement TDD/BDD using jenkins 

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  • Fees 12800 13800 Save : 1000
  • Advanced fees 7434


2.5K Certified

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  • Success Rate 100%
  • Fees 18500 20500 Save : 2000
  • Advanced fees 8850

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