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Lear how to use the SQL programming language to query a database for testing purposes. The SQL taught in this course is independent of any database management system.

Course Overview

After completing this SQL course, delegates will have a good understanding of basic techniques pertaining to SQL (Structured Query Language), allowing testers to design additional tests and gain a deeper understanding of the application they are testing.The SQL taught in this course is independent of any database management system and can be used on Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other database management systems.

Testers are often called upon to verify the data outputs of applications, this requires an understanding of databases and the ability to interact with the database to verify the data. SQL Skills will benefit both functional and non-functional testers


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    Have an understanding of different types of databases.

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      Be able to do a basic select statement.

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      Know how to create aliases in a select statement

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    Understand how to select data from different tables in one select statement

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    Be able to expand the select statement to find specific data on the tables using the where clause.

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      Sit at a real-time project and gain firsthand knowledge of how the professionals handle the issues


content 1

  • Types of databases
  • Logical data model
  • Relational data model
  • Keys, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys
  • Common Data Types
  • Example of a relational data mode

content 2

  • SQL - Select Query Basics
  • SQL- Select with Where clause
  • SQL - Select data (In & Between)
  • SQL - Select data(With Sorting)
  • SQL - Select data( Patten matching - Like)
  • SQL - Select Unique data(Distinct)
  • Select with formulas/calculations
  • SQL – Subquery

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

content 3

  • SQL - Delete data from tables( Delete | Drop | Truncate)

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

content 4

  • Group Functions
  • SQL - Group By and Having

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

content 5

  • Cross or Cartesian Join
  • Inner Join | Equi Join | Simple Join
  • Outer Joins ( Left and Right outer)
  • Full Join
  • Self Join
  • Group By Clause
  • Having Clause

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

  • Create Tables
  • Insert data into Tables
  • Update data in Tables

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

  • SQL - Not Null constraint
  • SQL - Unique Key constraint
  • SQL - Primary key constraint
  • SQL - Difference between Unique and Primary key

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

  • Structured Database Testing
  • Functional Database Testing
  • Non-Functional Database Testing

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery

Hands On/Demo/Use-case

Certification Assessments

The SQL for Tester Certification is a mode for you to learn the inner workings of the SQL programming language to query a database for testing purposes. After completing the course for the given time and class durations, you would receive a Course completion certification. It is a valid sign of qualification and accepted in many companies in the global IT landscape.

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