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Want to succeed in the career of software testing and improve your business acumen? This course of ISTQB Foundation Level would allow you to learn the basics of testing, new concepts, and apply them in real-time.




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Want to succeed in the career of software testing and improve your business acumen? This course of ISTQB Foundation Level would allow you to learn the basics of testing, new concepts, and apply them in real-time.

ISTQB CTFL Training and Certification Overview

In order to succeed in the field of software testing, ISTQB Certification is one of the best courses available. There are many delivery practices that are prevalent in this field, including Continuous Delivery, Agile, Waterfall, and DevOps. This course would help prepare an interested applicant on all this, and so much more!

Without a doubt, this stream is all about practical knowledge of software, and its tools. Those who want to excel in this field, the ISTQB CTFL is the perfect practice run for their future career goals. With a focus on all the fundamental concepts of software testing, students get a better idea of what is accepted of them. They would learn about what life-cycle for software development is, techniques for test design, understand tools that help with it, and apply the knowledge in a practical layout.

Not to mention, one does not need a lot of experience to apply and the passing rate is high as well. This course helps those who want to start a career in this field and those who want to improve in it, equally. Plus, under TestoMeter, you would get the chance to give another examination completely free of cost if you do not pass it. Indeed, that is how valuable this course is, and it gives the applicants the chance to do better and prepare more.

Some of the professionals who find good learning through this are management consultants, IT directors, quality managers, project managers, business analysts, and software development managers. However, the roles that the Testing Certification specifically targets are in the software testing field. They include testers, test managers, test consultants, test engineers, test analysts, software developers, and user acceptance testers.


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      Learn fundamental aspects of QA and software testing processes.

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    Get hold of a comprehensive learning program covering methods, activities, and techniques related to software testing.

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    Make an effective contribution toward reviews.

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      Learn how to properly execute and interpret tests based on different test specifications.

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      Understand various project factors and software, development models.


    • Software Development Lifecycle Models
    • Test Levels
    • Test Types
    • Maintenance Testing
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • Static Testing Basics
    • Review Process
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • Categories of Test Techniques
    • Black-box Test Techniques
    • White-box Test Techniques
    • Experience-based Test Techniques
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • Independent Testing
    • Test Planning and Estimation
    • Metrics Used in Testing
    • Test Reports
    • Configuration Management
    • Risks and Testing
    • Defect Management
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • Test Tool Classification
    • Benefits and Risks of Test Automation
    • Main Principles for Tool Selection
    • Pilot Projects for Introducing a Tool into an Organization
    • Success Factors for Tools
    • Sample Exam Questions
  • ISTQB CTFL Internal Mock Test
  • ISTQB CTFL Mock Test Review
    • What is Testing?
    • Why is Testing Necessary?
    • Seven Testing Principles
    • Test Process
    • The Psychology of Testing
    • Sample Exam Questions

Certification Assessments

We provide 100% assurance to qualify the exam with our demonstrated unique approach of teaching. On disqualifying the first attempt, candidate can apply for second attempt at no additional cost from TestoMeter. 

On successful completion of the Certification Exam, Your local ISTQB® Member Board or Exam Provider will post or e-mail the certificate to you. You also recive unique certificate ID through email. 

Enroll to ISTQB CTFL certification through a simple and quick online process and be a part of our team of ISTQB professionals.

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