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For better knowledge of the Agile testing modes and values, this Testing Certification is highly necessary. It focuses on highlighting already present testing knowledge and gives testers a better understanding of Agile tools and techniques, builds team dynamics, and a lot more.




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For better knowledge of the Agile testing modes and values, this Testing Certification is highly necessary. It focuses on highlighting already present testing knowledge and gives testers a better understanding of Agile tools and techniques, builds team dynamics, and a lot more.

Training and Certification Overview

Under the ISTQB Foundation level, there are many subdivisions of courses available for students to partake in. One of them is the Agile Tester Extension course, which deals with the specific area of Agile testing. It is a derivative of the Agile Manifesto, and the principles of this software development program are explored under the course.

In fact, it is quite new in the matter of software testing programs that are focused on, in this course of ISTQB CTFL-AT. Applicants who want to improve their knowledge of the Agile skills and later gain PAQ qualification too can opt for this course. It is not the same as the other testing projects and focuses more on the Agile testing techniques particularly. They learn more about the principles of this program and practice how to implement it in specific projects.

Overall, the course ideals are quite broad and not defined, which is a valuable point in the education for the ISTQB Certification too. Applicants focus on learning how to work in an Agile testing team and work alongside business representatives and developers. High performance is key in this learning curve, and the testers focus on rectifying and applying the fundamental methods and processes.

Among the main tenets of the ISTQB course manual, one of the main types of the core training material is the Agile stream. And for that, TestoMeter provides these services to the companies as a package and many MNCs take it. An Agile Tester in the business world has to provide suitable support to their entire team in the planning process of Agile theories. One of the main functions is to assist stakeholders in businesses with a focus on testable and understandable user stories, requirements, scenarios, etc. Owing to this, this platform gives a high priority to MNCs training their testers, and this particular course better equips them for the activities on test automation.

The passing rate for this is favorable as well, as long as the testers have a good understanding of test design, technology, and process. In case your examination does not go well, TestoMeter allows another try, and you do not have to pay extra. Thus, it important that they have the ISTQB Foundation Certification first. Team building and team performance is the basis of this course structure, and students focus on highlighting that.


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      Effective collaboration with cross-functional Agile members.

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    Complete knowledge of relevant practices and principles related to Agile software development.

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     Provide support to Agile team and make planning on test-related processes.

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    Gain experience to define testable and understandable user instances.

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    Application of appropriate techniques during the testing process of Agile projects.

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    Collect complete information on Agile values and adapt to current testing experience.


    • Brief overview of Agile Methodology
    • Difference between Agile model and Non-Agile models
    • Advantages of Agile Methodology
    • Disadvantages of the Agile Methodology
    • Sample Exam Questions


    • Fundamentals of Agile Software Development
    • Aspects of Agile Approaches
    • Release and Iteration Planning
    • Agile Teams
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • The Differences between Testing in Traditional and Agile Approaches
    • Status of Testing in Agile Projects
    • Role and Skills of a Tester in an Agile Team
    • Sample Exam Questions


    • Test-Driven Development
    • Acceptance Test-Driven Development
    • Behavior-Driven Development
    • The Test Pyramid
    • Testing Quadrants, Test Levels, and Testing Types
    • The Role of a Tester
    • Agile Testing Techniques
    • Sample Exam Questions
    • Task Management and Tracking Tools
    • Communication and Information Sharing Tools
    • Software Build and Distribution Tools
    • Configuration Management Tools
    • Test Design, Implementation, and Execution Tools
    • Cloud Computing and Virtualization Tools
    • Sample Exam Questions
  • ISTQB CATE Internal Mock Test
  • ISTQB CATE Mock Test Review


Certification Assessments

We provide 100% assurance to qualify the exam with our demonstrated unique approach of teaching. On disqualifying the first attempt, candidate can apply for second attempt at no additional cost from TestoMeter. 

On successful completion of the Certification Exam Your local ISTQB® Member Board or Exam Provider will post or e-mail the certificate to you.

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