How to choose ISTQB Certification as per your role


February 10, 2021

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In the question of software training, there are many different professions that benefit from a certification course. Not only do the applicants learn more about that particular division of the subject, but also learn how to work as a team. In the term of gaining experience in real-world, these types of certification courses give applicants that training opportunity.

Under ISTQB Certification, there are many different course directions one can take. Of course, not each of them works with every type of certification, and depending on your goal, you should choose the program. Namely, there are five courses that are significantly popular and the benefits you would receive on pursuing them are as given hereafter.

ISTQB Foundation Course (CTFL)

The most important and necessary course that you should apply for is the CTFL foundation course. While this does not affect a single stream distinctly, it is a generalized course that would help you with others. For both experienced and otherwise testers, this course is worth giving a try.

This is mostly because one needs to have this particular certification in order to apply for any other option. This program gives a broader definition and training to applicants on various modes of ISTQB and software testing. Thus, those looking to sharpen their skills and knowledge on the matter can try for this.

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager

In the stream of software testing, one of the most notable roles is that of the manager of the team. This individual is the one who is solely responsible for making sure that the project is running as planned. Not to mention, they monitor all the different team members and notice if they are performing as per directed.

If that is something you are interested in, you can opt for the Test Manager certification course. Those who pass this course receive the acknowledgment from other professionals in the field regarding their ability to lead testers. Other testers would notice your dedication to the profession and you can improve your leadership qualities as well.

ISTQB Mobile Application Tester

It is true that currently, most of the people around the world depend on digital platforms for every information. And the way they get this is through the different types of mobile devices, like cell phones, tablets, and smartphones. Owing to this, there is an intense need for testers in the mobile application testing field.

Based on the vast area of performance and promotion opportunities this career path has, you can apply for its certification. There is a huge importance of learning Android testing and iOS testing, and the job opportunities are higher too. Thus, if you apply for this certification field, you would have a higher market range to excel at. Plus, you do not need to have an ISTQB CFTL certificate to apply, nor a higher level of experience.

ISTQB Agile Tester Extension

In the field of software testing, a commendable name is an Agile format, and that is an entirely specific field. There are a lot of different career paths that gain better and more certified skills after pursuing this certification. These include test analysts, IT directors, business analysts, management consultants and so much more.

If you have a job in one of these careers or want to start in it, you can take the help of this certification course. You would learn better about the testing concepts of the Agile platform and gain contact with other Agile teams. Both new testers and experienced testers can learn extensively through this course, and develop their skills in software testing as a whole too.

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst

Last but not the least, another type of helpful career field that an ISTQB Certifications focuses on is of a test analyst. If you pursue this course, you would benefit by gaining a level of respect in the Test Analysis field. This is because you would learn more advanced skills in this regard, and get to work with other professionals of similar caliber. Recruiters would notice your ambition to progress in this career path and that would open a lot of job opportunities.

Overall, each of these ISTQB Certifications tackles particular parts of software testing. And prospective testers can gain a lot of profits from applying for it, in the field learning and gaining credibility. Thus, based on what you find most valuable, you can opt for your choice of certification.

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