Selenium VS TOSCA VS RPA UI Path Comparison


February 13, 2021

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Before going forward with the automation techniques and other such matters in testing an application, it is important to choose the correct tool. There are various paths of the automotive process you can select, and each has different areas they are suitable for. Thus, even during the training period for testing, developers have to understand which are the best option to pursue.

The points according to which they make this distinction is their skill set, the project in question, and the tool specifications. In terms of this testing process, there are three names in particular that developers find the most useful. They are TOSCA, Selenium, and RPA UI Path. While the usefulness of each is prominent, there are certain ways in which they differ from one another.

In order to decide on the right option for the testing process, look through the varying qualities of each as mentioned below.



In terms of testing automation tools, a major name that is an Industry header is TOSCA. This tool is licensed and created by the company of Tricentis and is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use tools developers rely on. One of the main ways that it differs from the other two options and is a notable choice is the absence of coding.

Not to mention, the team of developers associated with this tool knowledge support users constantly. This is applicable mainly during deployment and adoption of the tool in the process, aside from other points. This particular tool has an object library as well, and the automation is entirely model-based.

One of the many reasons developers choose to go with this tool is that it is time-effective in action. The framework of TOSCA is comparatively more defined than some alternatives, which is why users trust it. It also contains inbuilt reporting functions, which includes a dashboard where information such as timing come in pie chart format and more.



Another notable name in the question of automation is Selenium, which is essentially an open-source type of tool. Thus, you do not have to pay any extra money to use it, which many new developers prefer. However, unlike TOSCA, one needs to perform a lot of coding when using it.

In the question of support, there is no particular team that provides this, although there is a big online community that takes this role. Inbuilt reporting, too, is not applicable to this tool, and there is a lack of a specified framework as well. Another way in which this is not similar to TOSCA is that you would not find an object repository built within the tool.

Developers can use this tool in many operating systems and browsers, while it also works as a support in writing programs. The main point in this regard is in the matter of language support. However, this option does not work with many applications or virtual environments such as Citrix. The main purpose it is used for is testing website and web application development.




In the context of development, UI Path is a form of RPA that mainly designs software processes that are used in automation. The difference between RPA UI Path with the others mentioned is that creating automation is very easy with this one. One only needs to drag an already installed feature and then drop it in the creation process.

Usually, in the case of learning the tools that you would notice a difference with tools like Selenium. Plus, while this is only reserved for web application related automation, a UI Path is multi-faceted. Not only can it work for testing web applications but also desktop application testing and Remote Desktop Connections.

In the matter of creating scripts too, you can start and finish this function using UI Path within minutes. Plus, you do not need any prior programming knowledge to skillfully operate this tool. It is comparatively straightforward to use and although it does not contain in-build reporting features, it is effective in its testing capabilities.


Overall, all three tools that are mentioned are very helpful in the question of testing applications. On the basis of what you are more in need of and what specifications suit said needs, you can choose one tool. These are easy to utilize for both new developers and experienced ones. But it is best to practice regardless before using it for any project.

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