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This is one of the best certification courses under ISTQB, which allows you to gain knowledge on the development and automation of tests.




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This is one of the best certification courses under ISTQB, which allows you to gain knowledge on the development and automation of tests. By getting this certification, you can prove your knowledge and skills to the management. If you want to become an accredited test automation engineer, then register yourself and join the course.

Training and Certification Overview

The ISTQB Advanced Level- Test Automation Engineer is developed for people with vast knowledge in software testing. This is for people who already experts in this field and looking forward to gaining an idea about automation testing. The course includes a wide range of topics which should an expert test automation engineer learns.

So, by doing this training, you can add the values to your career. To join this course and achieve an advanced level testing automation engineer, you should hold the foundation certificate. This course allows you to learn about the tools and techniques used to complete an automation project. 

This course allows you to design and develop the new advanced test automation solutions that meet business needs. You can manage and optimize the testing requirements. This certification training course helps you to build a successful career in the automation sector. It allows you to determine the appropriate automation certification. However, the course syllabus covers all the necessary topics to get a job in your dream company. The certification proves that you have advanced automation software testing skills. A person can join this program that has the desire to move higher to the career. The skills you will gain by completing this course help you become a testing team leader. 

By completing this course, you can learn about the tools you should use to perform a project. The course includes the test management and software development process with quality assurance. It enables you to design the automated solution with generic test automation architecture. The course includes some major test automation engineer’s topics like selenium test automation architecture, test automation purpose, general test automation architecture, advanced tools for test automation framework, etc. 

You can join this program if you know the basic things and have the foundation course certificate. If you are looking forward to becoming a test manager, test leads, team leader of the testing team, and expert project manager, you can register for this program. After completion, of course, you will also get a certification from the institute.


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    On the top list of software testing.

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    Gain some necessary skills to plan and lead automation projects to reach your goal.

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    Evaluate the best tools and technology for automation so that you can fit with each project.

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    Understand the guidelines that support effective test tools and test tool setup.

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    Gain ideas about how a test automation report is constructed and published.

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    Also, understand the factors that are used to monitor the test automation strategy.


    • Purpose of Test Automation
    • Success Factors in Test Automation
    • Chapter 1-Sample Exam Question
    • SUT Factors Influencing Test Automation
    • Tool Evaluation and Selection
    • Design for Testability and Automation
    • Chapter 2-Sample Exam Question


    • Introduction to gTAA
    • TAA Design
    • TAS Development
    • Chapter 3-Sample Exam Question
    • Pilot Project
    • Deployment
    • Deployment of the TAS Within the Software Lifecycle
    • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
    • Test Automation Maintenance
    • Chapter 4-Sample Exam Question
    • Selection of TAS Metrics
    • Implementation of Measurement
    • Test Automation Reporting
    • Chapter 5-Sample Exam Question
    • Criteria for Automation
    • Implement Automation within Regression Testing
    • Implementing Automation within New Feature Testing
    • Implementing Automation of Confirmation Testing
    • Chapter 6-Sample Exam Question
    • Automated Test Environment Components
    • Automated Test Suite

                      Chapter 7-Sample Exam Question

    • Improving Test Automation
    • Implementation of Test Automation Improvement
    • Chapter 8-Sample Exam Question


    • ISTQB CTAL - TAE Internal Mock Test
    • ISTQB CTAL - TAE Mock Test Review

Certification Assessments

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On successful completion of the Certification Exam, Your local ISTQB® Member Board or Exam Provider will post or e-mail the certificate to you. You also recive unique certificate ID through email.

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